Hello, My name is John Grab. I am the founder of Grab Consulting Plus.

GCP was founded on our desire to help businesses and people grow through leadership, team and personal development. We are a husband and wife consulting and coaching team committed to building people through our personal and professional experiences. With over 30 years of combined experience of helping people we have dedicated our lives to making a positive impact in the world.

My passion in working with people comes from seeing so many people fall short of their potential. Not just people, businesses, personal relationships and life in general. My techniques have been formed over the last 20 years in and around the drug and alcohol treatment industry. From working with patients at a clinical level, entry level support staff, highly credentialed clinicians, nurses, doctors, administrator and executives. I’ve coached business owners, housewives, managers and entrepreneurs on anything from employee engagement, personal development to business and life strategies and everything in between.

I was a Director of Operation for many years, which is where the business consulting piece comes into play. Within that role I was instrumental in program development, team building, organizational culture, along with a host of other duties. I found in that role, that it is all about the people, why we do what we do, understanding our purpose within an organization and best how to fulfill our passion through our work.

Sylvia holds a Masters Degree in Marriage Family Therapy, is an LCADC and has over 20 years working in the arena of helping people grow. She has positively impacted thousands of lives over the course of her career, she actually has had a baby named after her. Her personal dedication and experience are second to none and her purpose is being lived out each day as she continues to grow and develop personally and professionally. Sylvia does Life, Recovery and Family Coaching as well as educational seminars and public speaking.

We believe we are all in a constant state of evolution and our commitment to personal growth is endless, We are students and teachers of life. So much about life and business is just about showing up, our goal is to help you or your business show up differently. Our relentless commitment to make a difference in the world could influence you or your team to take things to the next level and even further.

We have found it doesn’t matter what your title or job description is, we all need help from time to time. Guidance, support, inspiration, motivation, recognition and direction. That isn’t a bad thing. Not asking for or seeking help is.