I first met John Grab July 2013. I had just lost my job, the job I planned on retiring from. I was devastated, my feelings were hurt and my confidence was gone. I answered an add for a job and had an interview John. He gave me an opportunity to get back in the work force. John saw something in me, he believed in me and empowered me to do better. Within 6 months I got a promotion. John’s faith and his dedication towards helping others, clients and staff alike, was/is  inspiring. Because of John, I learned to see the light in others and how to assist others to see the light in themselves and not give up. I have nothing but gratitude, respect and much love for John Grab. He is an amazing leader.  

 -Jodie Goldberg- 2016-


After knowing John Grab for several years, I have come to respect and appreciate him a great deal. Many of the years I have known John, I was the Director of Human Resources for a global distribution company. In that capacity, I benefited a great deal from John’s out-of-the-box ideas as we brainstormed to create exciting changes for my team on more than one occasion. It’s been exciting for me to collaborate with John on ideas for team building, inspirational messaging, and creating work environments that support creativity, innovation and unity. In my current role as a Clinical Therapist, I’ve found John to be a tireless advocate for the needs of those suffering from addiction, and an innovative leader in bringing effective and creative ideas to the Addictions Treatment field. John has long been passionately committed to helping those in need and to find ways to help deconstruct the pervasive stigma attached to mental health issues and those who seek help with them. In all arenas, I’ve worked with John, I’ve found him to have an innate ability to meet various personality types where they’re at, to connect with people from different walks of life and to bring them together in ways that challenge and inspire them. John is goal-driven and people-focused, a combination that is rare and dynamic. He consistently works with individuals and teams to seek solutions and find unity in helping one another achieve great successes TOGETHER and I am honored to know him.  

-Jade Arbelo- 2017